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Thoughtful Sustainability begins with a Focused Understanding of Costs

Zero Waste Consultants LLC was borne of the need to help business understand the important role they play in creating a sustainable future for their customers and to achieve that goal in a financially viable way.

ZWC shares your passion. We also understand the importance of creating not only environmentally friendly programs but cost-effective solutions to achieving zero waste.

ZWC brings insight and innovation to your business.

Each plan developed for a company is designed to be flexible, financially responsible and more importantly, sustainably scalable. ZWC shares your passion and commitment to moving towards a better world for your employees and all of our children.


What is Sustainability?

The word sustainability means various things and depends on who you speak with about the subject. To the numerous recycling partnerships and NGOs, it refers to the value chain. In other words, finding new uses for materials we currently use. The research these groups conduct about our habits is incredibly important.

To the local governments, it means saving tax dollars.

To the rest of the world, it means saving the planet.

Business decisions need to be focused on the sustainable implications of those decisions. We can help you find solutions you may have missed.

Our Principal consultant, Paul Petillo has over forty years experience in the retail space with a Fortune 100 company. His experience managing multi-million dollar budgets, operational expenses as well as the company's sanitation and sustainability practices has made him an industry expert.


The ASAP Approach

  • Assessment: The first step is a broad assessment of the current business model, researching the partnerships state and local governments can provide and developing an overview of the best path;
  • Suggestions: Once the framework of what is currently available, our consultants will build a financially sustainable model to create the first steps towards your business’s sustainability goals;
  • Allocation: Part of the developed plan will focus on the proper allocation of funds while building new opportunities within the framework of the company’s budgets. We speak both green languages: finances and sustainability;
  • People: We will build a plan for your business that your employees can execute successfully.


Zero Waste is not a new idea. It has been, at least as a concept, rooted in the forward thinking of a world that demands businesses care about the world around them. However, making it a reality is often more difficult.

Each business has its own unique opportunities. Not all parts of the country offer responsible solutions. ZWC and our ASAP approach to getting you closer to achieving all of your sustainable goals is our only passion.

Zero Waste Consultants can help you bridge the Green Gap - the language barrier between cost and execution of those goals. We can talk the talk.

Even if you business doesn't have a sustainability manager or a good plan to reach sustainability, we can help you develop a plan that will have long-term financial benefits.


Next Steps...

Send us an email and tells us a little about your business, where you operate and if you have any sustainability goals.