Our Approach

Your company has numerous moving parts. If sustainability has become a concern, implementing that goal into your profit and loss statement can be challenging.

This is where Zero Waste Consultants can help. We will create a plan based upon the level of commitment your company has, what is available in your business community and how you can integrate this important initiative into your bottom line.


Our Story

Our founder, Paul Petillo, was both the expense manager and sustainability manager of a major Fortune 500 company where he was employed for 40 years. His successes are based on his experience in finding opportunities in the markets his company operated in, his ability to communicate the value of participating in a wide variety of recycling efforts in those markets and doing so profitably. He has worked with both state-level and local governments and understands the diverse approaches necessary to begin the process and maintain the momentum. He is a master at creating a message for the stakeholders.

Next Steps...

Contact us today so we can begin the conversation. Your community will applaud the effort, your employees will appreciate your commitment and your bottom line will improve as a result.